E-Z Up Eclipse II Canopy

  • Steel Frame Price: $725
  • Aluminum Frame Price: $795

The E-Z Up Eclipse II canopy provides a quick, water-repellant shelter to display your artwork at craft shows or art fairs. All E-Z Up and Pop Up Canopies can be improved by adding Flourish Company options like...

EZ Up Eclipse II

The TrimLine Canopy - Price $945

More information at Flourish.com

TrimLine Canopy by Flourish Company

E-Z Up Mesh Panels - Price: $685 Includes StaBar & Bag

EZ Up with StaBar and Mesh Panels

Mesh Panels Add a professional looking display space to an EZ Up Canopy.

E-Z Up StaBar - Price: $130 Adds Strength & Stability

EZ Up Canopy with StaBar

StaBars improve the strength and wind resistance of an EZ Up Canopy. Upper and Lower options available.